What is ST, OT, and PT?

Sometimes parents inquire about the differences between the rehabiliation disciplines.

Here is a summary of what each therapy discipline provides:

Speech Therapy (ST): Speech therapy focuses on helping children overcome communication impairments, such as difficulties with articulation, language, voice, fluency, and cognition. Speech pathologists also work with children who have limited social interaction or are non-verbal. Speech pathologists also work with children who have swallowing and feeding disorders that interfere with the safe consumption of foods and liquids.

Occupational Therapy (OT): Occupational therapy focuses on assisting children achieve independence in all areas of their lives. Occupational therapists evaluate and treat delays of fine motor development, handwriting, and attention as related to the completion of basic life activities. Occupational therapists help children minimize the effects of developmental delays by working on improving range of motion, coordination, and sensation.

Physical Therapy (PT): Physical Therapy focuses on helping children with the ability to participate in movement activities. Physical therapists evaluate and treat delays of gross motor development, including a child’s inability to crawl, walk, run, or engage in physical activity. Physical therapists help children who need adaptive equipment to mobilize in their environment, including those who use wheelchairs, orthotics, or walkers.

Please consult with your child’s physician if you have any concerns regarding your child’s development.

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